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Skill point respecs by itelf without keyboard input, skill remain active

Initially it was on purpose. I repected the Throwing Star (Shurikens skill tree) skill making I go from 1/1 to 0/1. However, the skill remained active and I could still have stars going around me in a circle. When I gained a new skill point and started liking Throwing Star I put the point back in to make it official back to 1/1.

The next part is weirder. The next time I gained a skill point I opened Shurikens skill tree, Throwing Star was back to 0/1. However, I still had stars going in a circle. I just left it be and picked something else.

When I got another skill point, Fan of Blades was now at 0/1 instead of 1/1 and I didn’t even touch it to do that. Throwing Star was still active without the prerequisite.

It happened again with Deep Cuts going from 1/4 to 0/4. Throwing Star was still active without both prerequisites when I last played yesterday and saved the game.

Here are my files. Thank you.

Log File

DxDiag.txt (108.1 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (486 Bytes)

Hey there, Welcome to the forums…

You didnt provide the games debug log file - player.log - so I cannot check it to see if the game is reporting anything odd that could explain this behaviour…

It doesnt sound normal… I honestly dont recall Skill nodes and point behaving like this being reported before… There is the confusion caused by equipping and unequipping +skill gear that changes skill point allocations randomnly (intended) but you dont mention changing gear only skill point allocations so this definitely sounds odd.

I can not see what version of the game you are using - but assuming Steam, I would recommend that you verify the game files via Steam to ensure the installation is ok and not causing this problem.

If would be great if you could record a clip of what is happening (if it still is) and post it to imgur or youtube and link it here so that we can see the issue in action.

Did you unequip an item that had either +1 level of Shuriken or the unique belt that has +1 level of physical skills?

Player.log (27.4 KB)
Player-prev.log (27.2 KB)

Here you go.

Looks like I can’t upload pictures here. I have a Thorn Slinger Belt which provides +1 Physical Skills. It hasn’t provided any problems with Puncture or Acid Flask.

With gear on and with Throwing Stars still working:
Throwing Star 0/1
Fan of Blades 0/1
Deep Cuts 0/4
Weighted Projectiles 2/4

With gear off and with Throwing Star still working:
Throwing Star 0/1
Fan of Blades 0/1
Deep Cuts 0/4
Weighted Projectiles 1/4

At one point I was wearing something that provided +1 Shurikens.

In any case, I’m not sure how throwing star is still working.

I forgot to mention that I did check the integrity of the steam files and they are fine.

Imgur is your friend.

Hey there… I have tried everything I can think of to replicate this issue without any success.

I have tested the node itself with a totally gearless character… Enabling disabling the Throwing Star node via the skill tree manually… Adding and removing the Thorn Slinger belt till it removed the correct Throwing Stars node to see if it still stays active… Adding nodes one at a time, leaving the game , coming back in to check if anything changed…

Honestly cannot replicate the issue no matter what I do.

Can you replicate the problem yourself?

i.e. is it still happening? Can you try and make it happen again?

Also… the logs you provided dont look like you actually played the game - it just look like you opened and closed it without loading a character and doing some maps… Did you take the logs immediately after you finished playing and had had this weird experience?