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Skill node question

On the swipe skill for primalist, it lists that it is a physical skill at melee range. I assume strength added there means it’s damage scales with strength per point you have.

Is it a flat increase of damage per point? ( is it 5% increase per point like how it is for armor?)
Does that scaling affect the damages from other nodes as well, such as if I went fully into the lightning branch? Would strength increase the added lightning damage or would strength only change the base physical damage of the skill? If so, do I need to get bonus lightning damage to increase the lightning damage nodes?

Thank you!


Hi Vegotio,
We are working to get a more detailed description of all these types of mechanics in the game so that it is clear.
Each skill is affected by attributes differently so I image we’ll eventually have to say explicitly what that is.

Swipe gets a 4% increase of all damage per point of strength. It doesn’t matter what type of damage it’s dealing.

In general, the skill scaling with attributes is universal like this. I can’t think of an example that isn’t like this but I’m just not sure that there are no exceptions off the top of my head.

Thank you! If I had a gear piece that added 10 lightning damage to attacks would that be separate even if it procs on swipe or would it be meshed with swipes multipliers?

By the way I am loving the game. I plan on streaming it soon with your guy’s permission if I may have it to twitch. I would like to start making videos and streams on different starter builds people could try and adapt them as beta and release changes come.

Thank you!


There is no NDA at all so feel free to stream to twitch or upload videos to youtube.

It’s easiest to think of weapon damage as your base damage for the skill. Swipe, like most melee skills, has 2 base damage I think. The 10 added lightning damage is affected by the strength scaling. The strength scaling is exactly the same as if you had a node in the tree that says “Swipe has 4% increased damage per point of strength.”

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Okay. Thank you for the more in depth response. Im just trying to learn all I can about the game for a change.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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