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Skill Ideas Thread

Taking a look at this thread Alpha Feature Priority Poll:

It’s pretty clear the number 1 priority amongst all voters were skills and passives being developed. As such I believe it would be appropriate to have a thread dedicated to brainstorming ideas for skills.

Trees for existing skills
For me personally I’d love to see some of the existing skills get skill trees, moreso than seeing new skills.


  • Timeless Death - The effects of DoTs will deal all of their damage to the enemy when they return
  • Time Rip - Creates an AoE at the banished enemies location that deals damage to disappeared enemies
  • Prolonged Banishment - increases the amount of time the skill sends the enemy forward by
  • Rapid Anomalies - Reduces cooldown and adds mana cost
  • Group Banishment - Increases the number of enemies sent forward in time by 1 per point
  • Shared Pain - Creates a dummy in the place of where the enemy dissapeared. When the enemy returns they are dealt damage equal to the damage that was dealt to their dummy

(I like this one since I used to fence, my suggestions are purely fencing related)

  • Double Lunge - Starts another lunge towards a nearby enemy after the first has finished
  • Preparation - Adds a charge time to the skill. Increases damage dealt.
  • Feint - Reduces the damage of the first lunge. Increases global melee damage by x% for 2 seconds after the first lunge.
  • Misdirection - Allows lunge to be used without a target.

Flame Reave

  • This was done during the dev stream - yay!


  • Mass Un-Burial - Added corpses taken out of the ground
  • Scent of Death - Creates an AoE around the corspes that deals Necrotic DoT
    • Lingering Stench - Increases the duration of the AoE
    • Accumulating Odor - Increases the area of the AoE
    • Olfactory Offense - Increases the damage of the DoT
  • Temporary Life - Summons skeleton brawlers instead of corpses. These minions will die after a few seconds, leaving corspes for you to use.
  • Burial Mound - Decreases the spawn radius of summoned corpses

Mark for Death

  • Reaper’s Hourglass - Creates an explosion around enemies if Mark for Death expires on them, dealing Necrotic Damage
  • Increased Mark AoE
  • Increased Cast Speed
  • Death’s Burden - For every enemy affected by a mark your mana effeciency and mana regen is decreased by X but your global damage is increased by Y.
  • Grave bells ringing - Creates [1 per point] mark echoes at it’s cast location at 4 second intervals. Each successive cast has a 25% reduced effect.
    • Distorted Echolocation - Mark echoes will appear randomly within [x]meters per point of the original cast location.
  • Acolyte’s Bargain - Increases the damage that marked enemies take. Also Increases the damage that you take.


  • Bio-Reconstruction - Removes Mana Cost. Transplant requires a minion to be targeted. The acolyte consumes the minion and is transported to it’s location.
    • Repurposed Matter - A minion (Wandering Spirit?) is created at the acolyte’s original location.
      • More minions spawned at original location
      • Increased duration of spawned minions
    • Assumption of Life Force - The acolyte gains health equal to 1/10 of the life of the consumed minion
    • Powerbal Cannibal - The Acolyte gains 1 strength for 5 seconds for every 100 health health the minion had.
  • Increased Damage from Explosion
  • Increased Explosion AoE
  • Increased Explosion Crit


  • Increased Fire Damage
  • Chance to Ignite
  • Summoning Ritual of Fire - Increases the health of spawned flame wraith per point
  • Combustive Ritual - You and the summoned flame wraith have increased fire damage for 5 seconds.
  • Kindling Ritual - Increases the health degeneration of the flame wraith, but causes it to explode when it dies
    • Chance for the death explosion to ignite enemies
  • Shadowed Flames - Significantly lowers the aggro priority of the summoned wraith
    • Black Fire Aura - The summoned wraith has an aura that deals DoT Fire damage around it
      • Rahyeh’s Wraith - Increases the size of the wraith and the AoE of it’s aura.


  • Additional Ward Gained Per corpse
  • Increaed AoE area
  • [20%] chance per point for defiled corpses to explode
  • Defiled Aura: Defiled corpses create an aura that slows all units (friend or foe) inside of it
    • Defiled Dread: The defiled aura will fear all units
    • Vengeance of the Defiled: Defiled auras move towards the player.
    • Consummation of Death: Auras in which the player is standing will mark enemies for death.

Soul Feast

  • Increased Necrotic Damage
  • Increased speed of ward orbs
  • Ward Orbs deal necrotic damage to enemies they pass through
    • Create [1] additional orbs per corpse per point. Orbs give [60%] reduced ward per point.
    • Ward orbs spiral around the player before returning to them
  • Ward Orbs gain an aura that increases the protections of nearby friendly units
  • Patient Collector - Increases your damage while you have ward orbs in the air

The ideas above took me quite a while to write down, but I figure they’re enough to start a conversation. The other skills without skill trees not above are:
Aura of Decay , Summon Bone Golem , Dark Fissure , Ephemeral Stance , Rive , Juggernaut Stance , Shield Throw , Ravaging Stance , Focus , Snap Freeze , Ice Barrage , Teleport , Black Hole , Innervate , Call of the Hunt , Healing Wind , Frenzy Totem , Vale Spirit , Thicket Blades , Flanking Strike , Primal Challenge


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Thought up an idea for an 8:1 skill node pattern, just not sure of any skills that it would actually be good for right now.

These are fantastic Geo! @Mike_Weicker @Trasochi check them out

I want to double lunge at things :smile:

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