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Skill idea - Potion throw

Hello dear Rogue enthusiastics !

Something just came into my mind, wanted to share it, feels like it can bring a nice skill mechanic to the rogue !

The goal here is to weaponize the potion belt by using a skill that consumes potions instead of mana. The skill tree has mainly a focus on damage and has still some support flavors but it is not the main goal of the rogue.
Hope you will like it ! :wink:

Skill tree link :

EDIT: Just saw Binkster Smoke Bomb skill suggestion, there are some identical ideas but hope it can give some new ideas and especially this mechanic of using potions that is cool ! :slight_smile:


Idk if it would be fun, but damn it sounds interesting. I’m reading through the skill tree ideas. :smiley:


After having read your ideas, it sounds like it could work. I hope the devs see this and take note.

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Appreciate! I don’t rly expect them to fully use my suggestion but if I can give them some ideas, and mainly regarding the use of potions instead of mana I would be super happy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh yea ofcourse :smiley: But I mean if some of them make it to the game, great!

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