+ Skill gear feels like it punishes you if you every swap it out

Having had a couple of bits of +skill gear now, when I swap it out either to test other bits of gear, or to level up a Weavers piece I feel punished.

I make my build how I want it, and I allocate the extra points (They need a better solution for differentiating which points are the “Bonus Points” that will be removed) and now it’s taking my core allocated skill points away from me. I understand this might a complex coding issue with how the additional skill points may be working.

That said, why not just have the skill respec cost free. Having to down skill the “Fun extra points” an item gave you because you need to then re-level the skill to finish your build again. It’s really cumbersome and just makes me want to bin +Skill items and not deal with it at all.

I’m confused. I just added a +1 skill item to my build. If I remove that item does it just remove 1 skill point or does it count as a respec setting me back more than 1 point?

It’s done on purpose to prevent you from using +Skill Level items to achieve full, immediate respecs by playing point tetris.

It just removes 1 skill point.

To be fair, this isn’t that big a deal. When you’re gearing up sometimes you’ll replace that slot 2-3-6 times and it can be annoying to remember to place those points again. But not only do you memorize what the skill point is at a certain point, but after those few swaps you won’t need to swap the gear again.

I’m confused by the opening post.

What exactly is happening when you remove the +skill gear, OP? Are you losing skill levels and having to earn XP again?

The issue is that if you have a +skill gear, the game assigns one of the current points already assigned to the gear. So if you remove it, you will lose that point, which can be somewhere in the middle of the tree.
If you swap +skill with the same +skill, you have to reassign it. If you simply have +skill and fully level it up to level 20 (21 with the gear) and then remove it, you will lose the point in the middle and not in the end. In this case, you’d have to respec the last point and relevel so you can assign the correct point again.

As I said, it’s not that big of an issue, because you’re not likely to change +skill gear that often. It just takes some getting used to.

Okay, now I understand. That would be a pain. Thanks for the explanation.

It’s not so much a pain, just mildly annoying at times and a surprise to new players (it surprised me as well). However, with time you realize it’s not a big issue because you end up not switching that gear that often. And when you do, you quickly learn which points get unassigned.

I think it removes a random one either closest to the center or furthest from center. I can’t remember which one.