Skill effects being "on top" of everything and sim sickness/strobe effects

I’m one of those unfortunately people that gets headaches easily from things like motion blur, stutter, and narrow or changing FoV in games. I’ve noticed that particularly as I level up I’m getting it a bit from some player skills.

For example as a necromancer I’m using Rip Blood constantly. The blood splatter feels like it’s rendering “on top” of everything as if it were a screen effect instead of something physically in the world. During repeated casts this also gives it a bit of a strobe effect. The same goes for some of the other particularly flashy skills like harvest, hammering that key feels kinda like getting flashbanged repeatedly (particularly on darker maps).

I think two things would eliminate the effect altogether: First adjusting the placement so they feel more like they’re in the same physical space as the character and NPCs rather than an overlay obscuring the player’s view, and second tweaking the brightness and fadein/out of bright and flashy skills like Harvest so it isn’t as strobe-like.


I think variations of this issue have come up a few times on the forum…

I know that lots of things like “reducing skill effects” and other “strobe-like” graphics have been requested as in-game graphics settings.

Unfortuantely I cannot recall if the devs specifically confirmed any changes that they would implement to address it tho… Maybe one of the community testers can get some feedback.

I tried a few searches but couldn’t find anything other than asking for the on-hit flash to be a toggle, I guess I just didn’t hit the right keywords.

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