Skill Damage

Did a search on this board, couldn’t find a thread asking/suggesting this, so here goes:

Any chance we could get another tab on the Character Screen in the future for individual skill damages? (Much like the current Damage Stats tab that is already there, just for the skills we have in our hotbar and mouse buttoms. It could be called Skill Stats as a main tab, and have 6 sub-tabs in it, since there is some space still inside from looking at the Damage Stats one, one for each skill in the Hotbar. And since not every skill would benefit from every form of bonus, there would be even more space inside for said sub-tabs.)

I mean, sure, I can ballpark those values from playing, but it would be nice to have a tab to clearly show us our Min-Max damage with the skills, it’s DPS, what bonuses are actually working on it, what not.


It’s coming ofcourse.
It’s just hard to calculate and put on a stats tab or advanced skill tooltips, as there are so many factors that determines it, but it’s coming at some point :slight_smile:

I’m also not sure how they even want it to look yet and be represented :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it? Did I miss the offical response to that? Do you have a source because you seem to be 100% sure.

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I think it’s a given with ARPG’s to have advanced tooltips, if not then it should be. But yes it’s something the devs want to do. Go ask them in the discord. It’s been talked about publicly in the past.

I’d be Content with having the base damage numbers shown for a skill for now :smiley: No calculations, nothing, just the complete base damage that gets changed by stats and nodes and passives.

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I agree, that would be really nice.

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