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Skill Concepts Suggestions from everyone (including some guy)

I made a post earlier about whether or not developers would take suggestions and one of the replies suggest I make topic for them and here they are. Anyone can make a suggestion and I’ll add to the list.

Phantasmal Walk
A temporary spell buff similar to Death Seal, Phantasmal Walk would grant a DoT aura, massive damage reduction and movement speed buff in exchange for draining mana and disabling mana regeneration.
Node branches include granting minion the buffs themselves; trading mana drain for current health drain; converting damage to fire and getting huge buffs if both Death Seal and Phantasmal Walk are active.
Balefire Hands
A 0 cost single target fire melee attack that consumes a percent of max health every couple seconds to grant a damage buff that lasts until the next health consumption and trigger an AoE attack centered on you.
Node branches include converting damage to cold; consuming ward instead of health; increasing buff/AoE attack frequency and letting it stack at reduced effectiveness/attack damage per stack; and the buff affecting minions too.
Banshee Form
Transform into wailing banshee. While transformed, your health decays constantly, health regeneration is disabled and Banshee Form is replaced with Wail of Agony. Wail of Agony grants increased attack speed with all types of attacks to allies hit and prevents their health decaying.
Node branches includes Wail of Agony affecting you as well; spawning small minions constantly while transformed at the expense of increasing health decay; chance to cast Wail of Agony on using a spell, the chance for this is proportional to the mana cost of the spell; and consuming all minions on screen on transformation in exchange for a damage boost (both you and your minions) per health consumed.
Vile Arm
Extended 0 cost melee attack that unaffected by weapon range with high innate poison chance and health leech. Health leech from this skill can increase current health above your maximum.
Node branches include minions getting health leech against enemies poisoned with this skill; turning into a cooldown skill that pulls enemies to you; healing minions on hit at the expense of your health; and doing more damage based on how much health you currently have.

Frigid Fencing
A 0 cost single target cold melee attack that also casts Icicle, a piercing cold spell with each attack.
Node branches include adding AoE and multiple Icicles cast per attack, but it requires a two-handed weapon; casting Snap Freeze on kill; casting Ice Barrage instead of Icicle every several attacks and doing more damage after being hurt.
Chilling Gale
A low cost cold piercing projectile spell that increases in speed and damage the longer the projectile travels for.
Node branches include converting into a stationary tornado after a traveling for a second; orbiting you for a short duration; inflicting knockback on hit and becoming a channeled spell.
A limited duration channeled circular AoE fire attack that deals DoT while channeling and emits a nova when the spell ends. The nova deals more damage and knockback the longer the skill was channeled and the closer enemies are.
Node branches include casting Fireball at nearby enemies while channeling; converting to cold damage; gaining powerful defenses while channeling and turning the skill into a linear AoE attack with increased damage.
Targeted channeled AoE lightning spell that inflicts blind and increases in area size and number of stacks of slow inflicted the longer the spell is charged.
Node branches include increasing damage per second charged; casting elemental nova while channeling; being casted fully charged at increased mana cost and cooldown time; and granting increased lightning damage and shocked chance for every stack of slow inflicted.

A channeled melee movement skill where you and your companions charge in the aimed direction. You and your companions gain a melee damage buff for a few seconds when the skill ends, proportional to the time spent channeling.
Node branches include converting the melee buff into a spell buff; spawning thorn totems after the skill ends; converting to fire damage and casting tornado while channeling.
Dragonoid Form
Transform into a spell casting draconic form that constantly drains mana and prevents mana regenartion while active. While transformed, you gain Dragonoid Tempest Strike, Storm Breath, Cold Glare, Takeoff and Human Form. Dragonoid Tempest Strike is identical to Tempest Strike, barring the mana cost and benefits from the Tempest Strike skill tree. Storm Breath is a limited range, conical AoE channeled spell that does cold and lightning damage. Cold Glare is a linear AoE spell that inflicts slow, frostbite, chill and a debuff that increases damage taken on hit. Takeoff is a channeled movement melee attack that renders you invincible while channeling and knocks back on hit while moving, but does no damage; an AoE melee attack is done when you stop channeling the skill.
Node branches include casting Eathquake on using Takeoff; consuming no mana for a few seconds after using Dragonoid Form; having no mana drain, increased damage and re-enabling mana regeneration but imposing a time limit and cooldown on Dragonoid Form; and gaining mana on using Storm Breath at the expense of health.
A curse-esque AoE spell that inflicts targets with Lingering Cloud. Lingering Cloud causes afflicted enemies to take a cold DoT and chilled. It also has a chance to cast Lightning Bolt on the afflicted enemy when they’re hit.
Node branches include guaranteeing a Lightning Bolt when Tempest Strike casts Lightning Bolt (separate from chance to cast Lightning Bolt when enemy is hit); spreading to nearby enemies on hit if the afflicted enemy is a boss or rare enemy; converting cold damage to poison, replacing chill with blind and replacing Lightning Bolt with Acid Pool, a lingering AoE spell that inflicts poison; and casting Avalanche Boulder when afflicted enemy if critically hit (affected by Avalanche tree).

Dragon Maim
Charged lightning bow attack that pierces up to 10 enemies when fully charged. Guaranteed critical hit and releases a nova of ten shrapnel (does a third of shot’s damage) against rare/boss enemies; stops piercing on hitting rare/boss enemies.
Node branches include a chance to use Hail of Arrows on piercing an enemy; converting damage to physical; guaranteed stun on fully charged shots, but increased charge time; and releasing a smaller shrapnel nova on piercing enemies.
Shrapnel Bomb
Low cost AoE fire throwing attack that only explodes after 0.5s. Does low damage and bounces off enemies on impact.
Node branches include converting damage to lightning with increased stun chance; turning it into a proximity mine that needs to land on the floor and arm for 0.2s before it can explode with increased AoE and damage; sticking to enemies on impact; and leaving a lingering fire AoE on explosion.
Shadow Clone
Temporary minion that consumes all of your shadows on creation for increased damage per shadow; mimics all of your actions with a 1s delay. Movement and attack speed are identical to the creator’s, all other stats and effect potency are 65% of the creator’s.
Node branches include the creator sharing a portion of damage taken with the clone; increasing duration by attacking enemies; spawning shadows while the clone is alive; and you and your clone gaining damage every second the clone stays alive.

As was alluded to in the other thread, actually there have been and are plenty of alternative threads on this topic.
→ Well then, just two quick comments:

A 0-cost single-target fire melee attack that consumes a percentage of maximum health every few seconds

So, for one thing, it’s rather difficult with a single strike, which presumably lasts only a fraction of a second, to then demand “a return” [here: percentage of maximum health] after a second.
→ What if I hold the mouse button for half a second [or 0.9 seconds] and hit and then release it for 0.5 [or 0.1] seconds only to repeat the whole thing from the beginning? 0.0 cost, right?

In addition, if the blow should “work successfully” at some point, I would change the paraphrase “a percentage of the maximum health” to “a percentage of the remaining health”, because otherwise you end up dead.

Translated with (free version)

I forgot about the other thread suggestion, which thread would suggest for this? Also, the idea is that Balefire Hand’s buff consumes health every couple of seconds and the buff lasts until the next health consumption.

That’s right, I read something wrong.
[I’ll blame that on the translator. :grin:]

As for that, and looking at the forums again, it’s probably not so bad to have a new thread for skill ideas.
→ I would just modify the thread slightly and make “from some guy” (the one there) something in which all idea-rich forum members would then want to participate.

In the end I would like to say to you, stay on the ball, more ideas are almost always good. :+1:

A linear, piercing lightning spell that adds a percent of all damage taken in the past three seconds as flat lightning damage.
Node branches include sacrificing a percent of current health to add as flat damage, consuming sigils from Sigils of Hope for extra damage, converting into a circular AoE and inflicting ailments based on the ailments the caster is experiencing.
Zealous Offering
Sacrifice a percent of current health to grant yourself, minions and allies a large amount of mana, frenzy, haste and more damage in an AoE centered on you. Long cooldown.
Node branches include activating Holy Aura for free (regardless of cooldown), guaranteeing critical hits for a short duration in exchange for increased cooldown, inflicting lightning spell damage and knockback against enemies and becoming a channeled spell that can sacrifice more health for more powerful buffs.

Arcing melee attack with a cooldown that does more damage the lower the target’s current health is. Successful kills with this skill inflicts slow and frailty on nearby enemies.
Node branches include converting it into a short ranged dash attack; inflicting more damage for every unique ailment on the target; inflicting poison that deals more damage, the higher the target’s current health is; and dealing more damage for every non-Execution melee attack that’s hit an enemy used.
Unseen Threat
Activate a temporary buff that constantly drains mana while active. While active, enemies (including bosses) behave like they’re inflicted with blind, you have increased movement speed and your next attack gets increased damage and base critical hit chance for every second active (attacking ends the buff).
Node branches include increasing cooldown and mana consumption for a guaranteed critical hit; converting to a toggle-able buff for increased mana consumption and non-scaling buffs; healing while active; and the buff lingering for a few seconds for zero-cost attacks.

Zero cost void melee attack that triggers Inevitable Doom on use. Inevitable Doom causes an AoE melee attack to hit several seconds after being triggered; its damage is equal to a percent of all damage dealt with Inevitability between Inevitable Doom triggering and being released.
Node branches include replacing the nova from Inevitable Doom with Erasing Strike; converting to fire damage with Inevitable Doom also healing allies equal to its base damage; altering Inevitable Doom to release when you stop attacking instead, with a multiplicative damage bonus; and guaranteeing an echo for Inevitable Doom for a mana cost.
Temporal Copy
Void throwing attack that scales with your weapon at reduced effectiveness. Detonates on hit. Projectile is a re-textured copy of your equipped weapons.
Node branches include increased damage on echoing; chance for explosion to echo, equal to echo chance; triggering Abyssal Echoes on hit at reduced attack speed; and returning to its original place and detonating again on detonation.

Elder Fury
Zero cost melee attack that gains a stack corresponding to each active minion (two stacks are gained for each companion). For each stack, you and your minions gain more damage.
Node branches include gaining more damage for having both totems and companions active; chance to cast Ice Thorns at half cost on use; stacks granting more damage for spells (both yours and your minions); and converting damage to poison.
Summon Frost Wyrmling
Cold damage companion that uses both a melee attack and mini-explosions for its standard attack. Its companion ability is Blizzard, a large stationary AoE spell that deals cold DoT and constantly inflicts slow and chill.
Node branches include converting damage to fire; chance to cast Maelstrom every five seconds while alive; healing on critical hit; and doing more damage proportionate to its current health.
Swamp Tide
Channeled linear AoE spell that does physical and poison damage; damage decreases proportionate to distance from you. Releasing the attack button casts Vile Surge, a linear AoE physical and poison spell that does more damage the longer Swamp Tide was cast and drags enemies to you.
Node branches include increasing damage but adding knockback to Swamp Tide; Vile Surge granting minions extra poison chance and damage on hitting them; converting to a circular AoE at reduced range; casting Entangling Roots on kill; and removing the mana cost, but self-inflicting stacks of poison while channeling.
Thunder Sprite
Small AoE lightning spell with a cooldown that inflicts Stormcursed. Stormcursed causes afflicted enemies to constantly damage their allies with a lightning DoT AoE centered on them.
Node branches include being able to inflict minions with Stormblessed on hit, a buff identical to Stormcursed that damages enemies and grants afflicted minion with increased damage; chance to be cast instead of Lightning, Lightning Bolt or Lightning Strike; increasing AoE radius, but reducing the duration of Stormcursed; and giving you and your allies flat lightning damage for a short duration for every enemy hit with Thunder Sprite.