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Skill choice & build upgrade

This guy just finished the campaign. He hit level 49 after defeating Lagon, when talking to Yulia, and now he must find a fifth specialized skill.
I would tend to spec into Mana Strike, but I think I never ran out of mana during the campaign, so maybe I could go for a damage skill.
The guy is rather tanky, he did not die during the campaign. The planner does not show it, but all the resistances are caped except Necrotic (44%) and Void (0%, I’ll be in deep trouble in a few hours if I don’t change that).
He does decent damage, but not overwhelming. During the whole campaign he was relatively quick, but against Liath and Lagon it got slower. Nothing catastrophic, but slower though.
What skill would you spec into? Mana Strike? If it’s a mana skill, I’d like to avoid Focus which I don’t like (stop moving can be too dangerous). And if it’s a damage skill, which one and will it be a mana sink?
I also have the Ashen Crown, that enables to cast Elemental Nova at cursor location, but my current helmet is rather nice. Would you keep, switch or craft?
I’m not used to Sorcerer, though I’m happy with this build. So any advice for these two questions would be welcome.

No idea? OK, I’ll review all skills and see what I try.

I’ve had the most success in the game with a Lightning Nova/Ashen Crown Sorcerer. Currently level 89, and working on my last lvl 90 monolith. Take a look at the Nova Boy post for a decent guide, and reference point.

If you have a pair of Stormrider boots, I suggest using them cause the shock bonus from them makes lightning skills skyrocket in damage. They’re honestly broken, and probably will be nerfed at some point.

If you need a mana skill, which I guess you should at some point, focus specced into regen and defence is really nice. Stop 2 seconds get half mana or 3/4, while being super resistant to, well everything. You will have to stop to cast your mana skill anyway.

GG for the crown, whish I had it :stuck_out_tongue:

If I want a mana generator, I have a choice between Focus and Mana Strike. The first is a channelling skill, the second is a melee attack. I find the attack less dangerous and more efficient in terms of Mana. Focus takes longer to give you back the same amount.
But you’re right, I fear at a moment I will need mana.

Yes, I saw that, it’s an awesome build. But I really would like to go Fire. :wink:

I specialized in Mana Strike. I also removed Fireball and specialized in Meteor. I’m now leveling the two skills.
I have the feeling that the build will not be able to push high, but it’s hard to say. Maybe it’s a fun build for low level monoliths.