Skill Cast Issue - Animation and Sound plays without skill cast

Sometimes when I cast my skills they don’t fully cast. My character will play the full animation (my primalist’s axe hits the ground or he finishes the totem summoning animation) and sometimes the sound will play as well, but the skill does not activate (there is no damage, and also no visual effect). This has been very noticeable when casting the Primalist skills Earthquake, Upheaval, and Summon Thorn Totem.

I have had this occur both during combat and when no enemies are around (i.e, in town or something) but it is much more common during combat. During combat it also tends to happen a few times in a short span, and then will eventually clear up. The game consistently shows me at <10 ms so I don’t think this is related to lag.

Repro Steps:

  1. Get a Primalist Shaman and acquire the skills Upheaval, Earthquake, and Summon Thorn Totem.
  2. Repeatedly cast these skills (in or out of combat)

Expected Result:
Skills will always succeed in casting if their animations and sounds fully play
Actual Result:
Skills do not always cast when their animations and sounds fully play

Player.log (185.0 KB)

DxDiag.txt (110.1 KB)

This other posted bug Puncture not showing nor doing damage sometimes is the same kind of issue, but it sounds like their skill completely stopped working. This only happens to me sometimes.

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