Skill bar resetting when zoning in, in spriggan form

When going from zone to zone while in spriggan form, it either kicks me out of spriggan form and all my skills on the skill bar are nothing expect for right click being ice thorns or i stay in spriggan form and my right click becomes ice throns and the skill to revert back to human form is gone.

it doesn’t happen everytime i zone out and in but it seems to be moreso when using a portal(i.e. a time rift portal).

the only way to make sure it doesn’t reset my skill bar is to revert out of spriggan form to human then go into the next zone and go back into spriggan form for that zone.

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Having a similar issue with werebear form where all my skills except right-click gets removed, seems to be triggered from changing zone while transformed. Had bear form expire during a boss fight and my bars were empty.

Also my default swipe attack would override bear swipe attack and replace the shift to human ability with the bear version on the skill bar. swipe- > bear swipe → shift back to human

Might be caused by leveling up the transformed skill while transformed then switching zones

We’re aware of this issue and are hoping to have a fix out for it soon.

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