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Skelly Army Great Clear and Bossing

Hi its my first post and i hope you like the build.

a standard relaxing summoner build, Great for clearing and bossing.

  • Simply cast RB on Right button full time for buffs and heals.
  • DS for Boss melting.
  • and that’s it.


  • Affixes to look for on items:
  • Minion Damage
  • Minion Health
  • Health
  • Resist ( try to cap all 3 ele res to 75 followed by void )


  • Reduce Minion Cooldown recovery speed ( shorter multi arrow cooldown)
  • minion flame damage


  • Reach of the Grave.
    easiest way to get is to gamble the item on a low lv char bellow lv 10, i got 2 with less than 100 gambles.


  • Great and cheap healing + DPS Buffer (Rip Blood)
  • 10 flame archer skelly
  • 5 Death Knights
  • Blood golem for perma taunt
  • Relaxing Build


  • too many minions can lag party play.

Build Link
Gameplay showcase coming soon.

Looks good. Being new myself, I am going to try this out.


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