Skeletons gameplay

I’ve tried all Skeleton Mage build and all Skeleton Warrior build so far. (I haven’t tried Skeleton Archer because they are bugged right now. They don’t shoot regular arrows)

Skeleton Mage is definitely a lot better IMO. Why? Their bolts home the targets. They deal good damage and good aoe. Their skill tree path and passives required are a lot more simpler. Yes, Mages do die faster but I can always resummon them to reposition better and they use that AoE spell to start. There’s quite a few enemies with aoe dot and it’s just easier to reposition Mage than Warriors who have to get close.

I believe Warriors need a better innate Defense and Physical Damage boost. They still die rather fast with a lot of investment in their Health Leeching, +Health. There is a node that decreases their damage by 15% for more Armor? No thanks. I rather resummon them because Warriors already don’t deal good damage in comparison to Mages.

Let see…
For Warriors to do good damage, I took some Bleed chance and Poison chance in passives for them. They need health leeching and some reduction in their aoe Slash. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for other things. So many boss type enemies have good aoe around them and the Warriors just die in split seconds.

I did have fun using Rip Blood to direct Warriors but their walking speed is so-so.

Once I have Golem, the need for Warrior is even less. Mage can sit back and doing good damage at range all day.

Skeletons are far too squishy. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR too squishy. I had used them while leveling up my Lich, granted I didn’t invest in any minion passive nodes, but still they were one-shot by any of the non-minionesque mobs in the arena. And we’re talking Arena levels 1-5 here… not even pushing higher.

Skeletons with every defensive passive for the tree and the skill passive and defensive gear are crap, sames as golem. At least doing arena, they get 2/3 shoted.

Hey guys, just want to let you know that we hear your concerns here and completely agree. We’re trying to figure out the best way to have minions scale. We want the gear with minions stats to be the most impactful way to scale your minions but see that there may be the need for scaling based on level as well. We plan to have this feeling better by, at the very latest, beta in April.

Keep the feedback coming :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding. I feel Skeleton Warrior needs the most defense because they are melee and they get hit way too much by aoe, dot, and melee damage. They should have a Shield to block or something.

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