Skeletons Brawler

I saw earlier today there was Skeletons Brawler that you could spawn from Summon Skeleton when you don’t have anything available to spawn from the pool of Warriors, Archer and Rogues. But I seems to not be able to spawn them even tho I took the nodes to not be able to spawn them and I still can spawn the Warriors / Archer

Are you sure you don’t mean something like Skelie Vanguards? 'Cause there isn’t a minion called the Skeleton Brawler.

vanguards is something else, brawler are meant when you can’t spawn anything within the skill Summon Skeleton skill, Skeleton Brawler - Official Last Epoch Wiki but they could have removed it but also found a bug with this that I reported, you could still spawn warrior / archer even tho you have the node for it to be removed from the pool of spawns

I’m not sure I believe the fandom wiki, both LETools and Tunk’s site have the node that removes Warriors called Mightier than the Sword & the node that removes Archers is called Shambling Steel. I’d imagine that the Brawler is what you get when you remove all the possible options (Warriors & Archers) from Summon Skellies.

I’m also not sure it’s the “official” wiki…