Skeleton vanguard and summon skeletons mechanic?

What is the relation between Skeleton vanguard and the summon skeleton skill tree?
Do they effect each other?

I want to build a build that summon vanguards with volatile zombies and then get the bonuses from skeleton death from summon skeleton skill tree

Skeleton Vanguard is not affected by Summon Skeleton tree. It’s 2 different types of Skeletons

bummer. ok thanks

Skill trees never affect other skills or similarly named things unless explicitly stated. The void rift nodes in various Void Knight skills are a good example of this.

Sadly it makes them completely useless after about lvl 20ish, personally I believe they should be completely affected by it. Would make getting the three different ones actually meaningfull. there seems to be a lot of stuff in place to hamstring a lot of otherwise good skills. Minions should use skills based off your skill tree (sacrifice, ripblood) just to name a few but they dont so using it makes them trash.

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