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Skeleton Spawn

Hi guys, playing the necromancer in the arena using the summon skeleton ability was bugged. It was the third time I had played the arena with the bug not occurring on the previous two attempts. I think the bug occurred on the 5-6th wave but I cannot be sure.

When summon skeleton is pressed they are summoned to a corner of the central area and do not engage with the enemy and are able to be hit by the character.
Summoning more skeletons does not fix the bug and is also true for the commander skeleton.
My output_log file is too big, I can email it to you if required, just let me know.


Hi there,

We’re very sorry that this happened!

If you encounter it again, could you perhaps take a screenshot of where your skeletons spawn? The log file would be extremely helpful. Could you please send it to us through the support site?