Skeleton Mage. starts with 3 not 2

The tooltip for this skill says “you are limited to 2 mages at a time”, but when I first unlocked this skill and put it on the bar (no specialization points allocated) I was able to summon 3 mages.

Later when I selected the specialization node that gives you an additional mage (Order of Death), I could still only summon 3.

Did you pick Necro for you mastery? That gives you +1 skellie mage, when I take the skill as a Lich I can only summon 2 at a time. When I swapped over to my Necro I was able to summon 3 by default & 4 with Order of Death.

What was your skill tree?

Oh! Yes I DID have Necro as my mastery. And you’re right, I just double checked and I can summon 4 now. >< Sorry, I withdraw my complaint! lol.

However, the tooltip on the skill bar still says my max is 2 :wink:

Yes, because that’s a)the base & b)hard coded into the tooltip, unlike the mana & cooldown figures.

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