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Skeleton Archers: "Terrain" blocking shooting path / AI

I´ve noticed a few Issues with the Skeleton Archers AI or maybe with the handling of terrain which is blocking the shooting path.

  1. Doors - Archers can only shoot in a very little angle through doors in the temple of eterra. Most of the arrows are lost because they “hit” the door. (of course not. the door is 3 miles wide open^^)
    The doors on the screenshot are btw the first doors ive noticed it. i dont think this happend with the ruin field doors in ruins of welryn.

  2. Stairs - Also the Archers have problems to notice they cant hit the targeted enemy because they shoot the stair and not upwards to the enemy.

  3. Golems - Golems block also the arrow path. I might think this is logical but its also very annoying because you dont have a move command for your minions and if the golem means to hit the big mob standing in a doorway while your only dmg dealers standing right behind him but cant do any damage…you know it sucks ^^


Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions to the report.


Thanks for the report!

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