Skeletal Archmage Hover Identification

The Acolyte’s Skeletons and Skeletal Mages are no longer able to be identified by hovering over it with the mouse cursor. Other minions seem to still be working fine but I can’t see what my Necromancer’s Archmage’s current health is or anything, it has no highlight when hovering over it or anything. I checked on my Lich and his Mages are the same as are the Skeletons, but his Bone Golem is fine just like the Volatile Zombies.
In case I’m not being very clear, here is a picture of the Zombies showing their health bar when I hover over them.
[](https://Missing Health Bar on Certain Minions)

This may be a part of the Option to have health bar of minions displayed. I turned this on to troubleshoot and they don’t show up, but the player health bar does when it’s turned on.

This happened a couple of patches ago but I’m just now getting to the bug report, my apologies.

EDIT: I reloaded the same character and turned on the minion health bars and they do show up on the Archmage now, but the hover-over ability still does not show up and the “highlight” around the minion doesn’t show either.