Six hours and 40 million slater - orians eye

to be honest the amount of time needed seems a little excessive.

how does the game keep track of each attempt? or is it pure random each time - in which case theres a chance you will never get it?

oof. Oh well now to use it i guess. Maybe tomorrow.

Its all random each time.
Previous attempts have zero impact on odds.

If you really want to see the chances then try Tunks Gambling Sim

Honestly imho… gambling is probably the worse way to get any of the rare drops in this game - Orians Eye, Smoke Weaver etc… Just play the game and if they drop great… if not then just enjoy playing another build until they do… Other than a few very specific builds, you do not need uniques to make end-game viable characters…

If you just want to gamble, then I’d rather go to the casino or by a lottery ticket… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah I agree that gambling can be a terrible way to get gear, especially in cases like this one. But it is implemented as an offiical route to gear in game and as a beta tester I thought i’d see how brutal it could be based on the posts I’ve been reading. It was very brutal.

This kind of extreme low odds gambling is at such a contrast from a gameplay experience with the rest of Last Epoch’s experience (besides the crafting and the constant fractures) that it’s better to give feedback that the devs might notice and hopefully it improved in some ways than just ignore it. As one alternative - I’d rather have gameplay driven routes/tasks/etc that must be completed in order to get certain high value gear as opposed to this ridiculously low random drop rates.

Testing… true… I did the same back in Aug 2020 when I started playing… The gambler was different then and honestly just as boring/brutal… They have made it harder now with increased pricing & changed odds so it has even less appeal.

Personally I don’t see the point of the gambler in its current form… The game is so full of RNG as it is, that the gambler just seems superflous to me. Sure its a gold sink but there is little point in gold anyway (just for stash tabs and respecing passives) so who cares if someone has 10m in gold - especially in single player mode without trading.

I’d prefer gambling if it gave you temporary random boosts or something other than gear… I’d gamble 1mill for a temporary 5% improvement in crafting chances, XP increases or improved global drop rates. The gambling could even be how long your boost lasts for rather than a random boost. e.g. I want a 10% XP boost… gamble, whoah… you win a 30second xp boost! congratualtions… :wink:

(*no direct character stat boosts tho…)

I am of the opinion that gambling is a great way to get the gear you want and is a fantastic addition to arpg’s.

These games are gear driven. Players are fueled by that rush when that drop finally happens. Why not from the gambler? We have all that gold. That gold represents hours of playtime.
Personally, I only need to improve my ammy. I do not enjoy running mono’s for ONE item. I gambled all my gold away to get the right affixes. Didn’t happen, so I’m back to grinding.

Sure… no problem with your opinion… Its just not mine and its (thankfully) one of those things in arpgs that you are not “required” to use to enjoy or progress in the game… Unlike yourself, I do not like the conversion of using looted gold to “buy” the rush of a good drop… Seems too much like an addiction to me :wink: … In contrast, I HAVE spent many runs in many different arpgs grinding for one item and while it can take some stoic determination, the joy when something you are looking for drops, cannot be, imho, compared to “buying” it…

Honestly the only thing i still use the gambler for is to roll for a base item to craft on. I.e. if I need a high crit multiplier katana with a decent affix or two, then I will gamble a few katanas… - imho, for this singular purpose the gambler is great.


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This is what I use it for 9/10 rolls.

I like that Uniques can be found from the gambler. Sometimes the grind can be well, a grind.


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