Sirris's Number 1 Attunement/Totem/Caster Shaman Build (Hardcore)

Hit 201 in the arena. Didn’t die, it just started to get dicey(not fun fact: none of my characters have died yet…the key to hc, save your gear folks. Dont get greedy).
Keep in mind this is designed for hardcore. So there will be more defensive stats than you need for a sc version.
It just happens to be more than twice the waves of any other shaman currently in hardcore or softcore.
Focus is on attunement/minion damage/cast damage/ not dying.
Uses Frenzy totem, Thorn Totem, Storm totem(yum), Avalanche, Tornado.
Have to say the new storm totem with the right specs is incredibly good now.

Early on I level with summon wolf and the fang unique amulet until I unlock avalanche:)


Looks great, but I think the important question is, is it better than Necro? No pets?
I haven’t played since before the storm totem rework–last time I barely used storm because it was pretty garbage-tier. I’ll have to give it a go again and see if it’s worth my time

Well its definitely good now:) And I’d say its as good as a necromancer. Just a little different. Definitely more gear dependent because it can be tricky to cover all your bases defense wise.
My necromancer this patch got to wave 186. But that was before they fixed Necrotic Conviction(the more damage node for skel archers on their skill tree).

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