Single companion passives for Beastmaster are underwhelming

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my view regarding the 2 “you can have only one companion” passives in the Beastmaster mastery tree. I really like those passives so that you can fully build around one companion but the damage loss is extremely high. You have by default 2 max companions, with Beastmaster mastery you are now at 3 max companions. So you trade having the possibility to have 3 companions at once to use only one that won’t deal 3 times its damage and have 3 times its life pool. So the idea is cool but in the end building around a single companion is a huge loss. Those passives should buff much more the companion (damage, health).

What do you guys think about that ?

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I agree. But i think more balance between minions will be needed first. If we had those nodes giving 200-300% damage muitiplyer to a single companion the raptor would be OP, i mean it already capable of 5-10k hits.

As a beastmaster you can also reach the 50% armour/protections if you control a single companion node, but it requires 25 points in the druid tree. That’s a really strong node, but it’d be nice to see the single companion / partner archetype explored a bit more.

Perhaps if building a beastmaster for the partner companion style would give you some special buffs as well with the idea that you and your pet are equally strong could be a good way to take things. With a full zoo of pets the beastmaster himself is typically on the weak side. Having the choice between ‘strong player with a strong pet’ and ‘weak player with many moderately strong pets’ seems compelling to me.

I really do like the beastmaster tree alot, the work they did and the way the aspect buffs work is amazing. But i do think the single companions should be its own tree that starts from the bottom and works its way up buffing your single companion the whole way up. This would also alot alot more options on the bottom half of the tree so the druid mastery can have a decent solo pet as well.

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