Since yesterday game stuck at 1 fps

i have the issue since yesterday, that the game stuck at 1fps and is not playable anymore, i have to kill the task in taskmanager. i have a i7 12700k and a rtx 4090 with 64 gb ram on a m.2 pcie 5 ssd, my hardware can not be the reason, i have 96 hours playtime but since yesterday some levels stucks directly at 1 fps bevore i start to move and without enemies ast screen.
my system is up to date my drivers too,
nothing helps,
i play full offline

I can narrow down the problem a bit, it depends on the class, my rune master has no problems no issues, this problems become only on my warlock, maybe the visual effects are bugged or the skill composition

What skills are you using.
Does it happen as soon as you log in or when you start using certain skills.
How are these skills specced?

Also this is a Bug Reports and you can also report it ingame via the bug reporting tool.

i have no bug report option when i press escape, maybe because i play full offline