Sinathia's set for squirrel(wolf) build

hello guys, I spend a lot of time checking all sets\uniques items long time ago, and have some idea to discuss. I have pretty common squirrel(wolf) build, with Zdps by myself, and all damage from minions. What do you think about Sinathia’s mace and shield for beastmaster? I think +2 to minion skills pretty good boost for only 2 items, isn’t it? before that, I used some 1h axe, rare or uniques, for minion dmg (minion dmg/melee minion dmg/flat minion dmg/minion phys dmg etc) but isnt better to get +2 to minions skill? I mean, I got +2 to wolfs and +2 to frenzy totem. So I have 24 lvl wolfs(can get 25, but in helmet only 2\3) and 24 frenzy totem, and I can’t find anything better in both this slots(weapons) which give me boost like this set.


I did planner build with all items(all rare with t5 mods, not t7 mods and uniques with 4 potential, which is something impossible)
you shouldn’t 100% to copy like this, all you need is 75% capped res and minion dmg
life, str, crit avoidance, armour, vitality - good stats, but not main. and yea, I understand that all items have 4 t5 mod, but I used it just for showing you what you need to get(with t6-7 mods if possible)

btw all I need is just to hear some beastmaster players, and what they think about this set for +2 to minion skills, and what I can improve

My IMHO pros and cons

  1. you have 24 wolf and totem, which mean you can get almost every damage nods for wolf and buff from totem
  2. you can get skill point “safety in numbers” to summon wolfs to your maximum minion limit and ignore “The fang” amulet, and get something much usefull
  3. a bit higher ele res, and minion ele res
  4. good block and block effectiveness, mininon crit avoidance


  1. a lot of useless mods in this set items for beastmaster
  2. don’t give any damage boost, only from +2 to minions skills

thats all :slight_smile:

I really like the Set on Necro and use it often. Not all stats are always useful for my builds either, but you get pretty good general defenses for you and your minions, which is great.

Just your swipe will be even more useless in terms of damage output, but it’s also not used for that purpose as it’s specced to provide buffs and the kill threshold.

The alternative would be to have some minion damage on your weapon. If you’d use an obsidian Axe for example you can get a lot of increased damage (implicit + melee / damage over time for minions) and less damage on critical strikes so you can free your crit avoidance suffixes on rings for more endurance threshold.

I’d just say, give it a go and look how it feels.

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