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Sigil of Sacrifice on Judgement causes Overflow

When using the “Sigil of Sacrifice” node on Judgement, activating Sigil of Hope causes your damage overflow, basically setting all your damage to -2147483648.

Hope you will fix this soon, really wanted to try this out.


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I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet. Could you upload your character to Dammitt’s build planner and provide a link to the build? Alternatively, you could just upload your character’s save file.

Additionally, could you list the specific steps that caused the overflow? Is it just using Sigil of Hope, even without using Judgement at all, as long as you have those nodes?
Thanks for your help!

No need for any of the armour or weapons. I can’t say what the steps are specifically but just the combination of those skills built that way causes it.

The skills are just equipped to my hotbar and upon using Sigil of Hope it will overflow, normally after 2 or 3 uses of Sigil.

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Hi @JustinC , I just wanted to let you know I have further narrowed down the issue here.

The “Overflow” is being caused by an interation with the nodes on Sigils of Hope - Meditation and Judgement - Sigil of Sacrifice.

I have also found a second bug in which taking the Sigil of Sacrifice node causes your Sigils of Hope to expire when you hover over the Judgement skill in the skill bar to display the tooltip.

Hope this helps.

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