Sigil of Hope question as a Void Knight

I picked Void Knight as my master class, but then started putting points into Paladin to get Sigil of Hope for the void damage buff. Sigil of Hope has the faith node that gives x amount of health and consumes a sigil when you receive x damage, but I’m never seeing this proc (sigils stay at 3) - is this a bug or did I have to pick paladin as my master class for this to work?

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I don’t play a lot of Paladin or use Sigils of Hope on other masteries but I am fairly certain that Faith only triggers, if you lose 25% of your health in one singular hit.

It might be, that you have not taken any hit this large yet.

You definitely don’t need to master a different mastery to receive effects from a skill spec tree.

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That is correct, there is a node behind Faith but when i tested it back in the day it appeared to be bugged. I did post a bug report but not sure if it’s been fixed.

Faith should only be triggering when you get the #### kicked out of you by bosses/champions, though with Unwavering Faith you should be able to get the trigger down to 15%.

Thanks everyone! I need to read nodes more carefully lol

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