Shuriken Item Suggestion

As of now I have completed my first 110 hours in the game after release. I’ve decided to play a shuriken build because I saw many available items that I thought they could be helpful. Little did I knew, even if the build was fun at first, it became a struggle to do anything later on. I strongly believe that a rogue throwing build has potential (no pun intended) because of all throwing affixes already existing in the game. What I identified as the main problem of the shuriken build is that no matter how good your gear or your level the Shuriken’s damage is never enough. So what if there was an item that can fix that? Because all in all I don’t see why not.

Without further ado may I present to you the Crow’s Deck.
Crow’s Deck is a unique relic.

  • Adds 2 levels to Shuriken (for a direct power up)
  • Converts your shurikens into throwing cards (throwing cards deal 10% more damage than shurikens)
  • Whenever you attack you gain a “Devilish Hand” stuck. Each “Devilish Hand” stuck increases your throwing attack speed, throwing damage and crit chance with your next throwing card by X amounts. The “Devilish Hand” can stuck up to 54 times (equal to cards in a deck) at which point it resets and begins anew.
  • Ace of Spades: In the 54th card (54th stuck of “Devilish Hand”) all bonuses that “Devilish Hand” provides are doubled.

So this is it. Thanks for reading and if you liked it, help me so that this suggestion post will one day reach the eyes of a developer.

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