Shuriken Build

Are there any (throwing) Shuriken builds out there? Is that even a viable possiblity?

Hi there and welcome.
I like the Lightning Chakram version for Shuriken the most.
Fun playstyle and good dmg. Not that many build guides around for shuriken though.


The Chakram build seems to be the only viable Shuriken build available right now… Other shuriken builds tend to be generally insipid when it comes to damage… or they are focussed on defensive or Dot application rather than directly dealing damage.

The inability to hit a target twice with shurikens kills most builds. I tried making a ricochet one but when I found out it would only ever hit once each monster I just swapped to making it some weird poison flask build until I got one shot eventually from throwing points everywhere except defense to make it work.

Might revisit shurikens eventually, but I’d say if you go that route ricochet probably won’t be a good one.

If shurikens ever hit a target twice I could definitely see some DOT swarm clear mass firing ricochet builds. Other than that they seem to be a support thing more than anything else. Some extra support and dot by constantly casting a ring of them around you seems the most likely use. Idk if any part of their tree would make them a good primary skill against bosses tho.

Thanks folks I appreciate the responses! A good community makes a game so much more enjoyable. My first char is a lvl 82 bladedancer, I tried to make a shuriken build and ended up broke and weak.

I think shuriken is probably one of the strongest singletarget skill in the game atm.

At least from my experience.

The Deadly Aim Node (which makes you throw him in a line and are able to hit the same enemy multiple times) is insane.

Shuriken has insane crit, penetration and shred support.

Only issue i had with that build was AoE Clear, but bosses literally melted.

Oh must have missed that node. Yeah that would do it. Assuming it cancels out ricochet otherwise I would definitely have grabbed it.

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Have you tried Shadow Daggers?

48% phys pen from 4 points in 1 node!

I would not consider shadow daggers it’s “own skill”.
It’s more like a “playstyle”, that can be played with various different skills.

But yeah of course that’s strong, but maybe,… just maybe that is slightly unbalanced C=

something like this work?

I am currently using Hybria’s build (Marksman, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner)
and all I use puncture for is to regen mana, would this work?

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