Shrines don't work in some arenas

In some arenas you can click on the shrines, the animation plays, the shrine is no longer interactable (only for the person clicking, the other player can still click it) - but you don’t get the buff (regardless who clicks). It is not just visual, the buff is definitely not in effect (i.e. no beetles spawn or no speed increase when taking haste).
It seems to be map-wide and the type of shrine does not matter. Either all or none of the shrines in an arena work.
It definitely affects the Champions’ Gate arena but so far I didn’t encounter any problems in arena echoes (I’ve done 5-10 where I specifically paid attention to it).
It does not seem to be related to the arena (Magma, Abyssal, Woodland, etc.) as we’ve encountered the Lagonian arena twice, once with working shrines, once without. The pillars were also not destructible/interactable when the shrines didn’t work.

I think the shrines work only on waves 1-10.
After you change the map they don’t give you buffs anymore.

We’re aware of the issue. They indeed don’t work after the first 10 waves.