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Showcase Player Gear at the End of an Event

In Diablo III there is a group shot at the end of an Empowered Monolith run which shows a close up of everyone’s character models along with stats from the run. Having a similar feature after a timeline boss or at the end of a dungeon run is a cool way to show off your gear and inspire a search for a piece that you don’t have yet.

The showcase would appear alongside the blessings, quest rewards, etc that are currently displayed after finishing a timeline. They would be arranged at a similar angle to the character select screen, but a little closer to the camera to display all of the sweet loot. Clicking on them could display their detailed gear loadout.

This screen always felt like a cool “mission accomplished” capstone in D3. During normal gameplay, everyone is running around casting fireworks. This screen of downtime would also afford players an opportunity to leisurely look over their teammates’ characters without having to chase them down.


Sounds like a nice idea I have never thought about.

Photo mode! :sweat_smile:

Never been a fan of people looking into my build/gear. I’m a bit sick and tiered about another “lfg dd only GS xyz or build abc (or whatever)” if you can easiely do the content with a lot of other builds. Sure synergy is a nice thing and there is a valid reason to search for build X but each game “gone south” with said option. Remeber for example the WoW days when you not get a raid spot because you don’t play the meta skilltrees? Get kicked out of D3 farming groups because you don’t have all the zoom zoom items? It’s not my cup of tea and I pretty much dislike it.

Just seeing posing models after something is finished isn’t worth the effort to implement from my point of view while I’m not against it.


I’m not, personally, a fan of thisnidea. That said, I have no intention of engaging in multi-player, so I don’t know that it would impact me at all.

Ultimately I prefer that anyone who wants to know what choices I made with my build or gear ask me rather than the developers of a game. Back when I played WoW, I seriously considered quitting over the armory system they implemented. If such a thing is brought into LE I think it should be opt in only (never opt out).

Again, though, if this is MP only it isn’t likely to have an effect on me either way.

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If it’s opt in everything is fine.

I see some of the concerns about gear score gatekeeping here. I was really going for a feeling of “cool heroic group shot” without any kind of quantifiable affect on gameplay.
Maybe the stats don’t have to be displayed? In any case, LE isn’t really going to be tuned like an early WoW dungeon, and I never really got the feeling of being judged on my gear in D3 when I randomly loaded into group games. Most of the time, people would just come and go over the course of several hours without issue because D3, like LE, isn’t made from the ground-up to require tight coordination between specific class roles.

I like that idea. I’m fan of that end screens, showing damage done, damage taken, hp healed and so on. Characters can flex (having cool emotes would be neat).

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I like that idea. Deep Rock Galactic lets you choose your victory pose when the group completes a mission. Having a personalized flexing animation or something would be fun; maybe even as an MTX.
You could opt-in to display your stats, or maybe you only see your own stats. After reading some of the concerns in the thread, I could see why having hard data displayed so openly might result in feel bad moments or unhealthy group behavior. Of course, you’re going to know if someone if miles ahead in DPS by just watching them shred through enemies anyway.
EHG doesn’t seem to be a big fan of damage meters either, though it might not be so bad in this case because you’d have to actually play content to see it vs hanging out in town and whacking the training dummy.

Theres always an argument against everything. Yes, seeing somebody being just a millstone around the neck can result in bad behaviour against this player. Also chasing the pole position on the stat screen can lead to players rushing into fights.

I’m also not sure if it wouldn’t get annoying to have a stat screen at the end of every echo. But after Arena this could be cool. Maybe this also would fit for the end of a dungeon.

Many games do this today and while there are cons, there are also pros. I personally like that bit of competition. And it also is helpful info for improving builds and playstyle. When I’m playing with friends it’s also fun and a good source for trash talk :grin:

I would rather - as already suggested here and there - a “D3-Armory” accessible via ingame-friends/group-option (adjustable) and/or via browser.

The whole posing, waving and dancing of an avatar in a game trimmed on combat I always found somehow crazy and mostly rather inappropriate.
→ That doesn’t really fit with EHG’s design philosophy, which is to give the individual classes a cohesive atmosphere, right?
→ So if a paladin for example would have to dance, wave and pose totally different than a necromancer.
→ Probably most of it would look completely out of place or ridiculous.

Damage meters are already undesirable in the city dummy, why should that suddenly be different at the end of each monolith (and presumably then almost everywhere at the end)?

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Absolutely! But where did anybody state that these emotes should be ridiculously silly dancing or wave emotes? I’m sure that the devs are able to create really cool looking badass non infantile emotes that don’t make people cringe.


To clarify: the screen would pop up after a boss is defeated at the end of a timeline, not after every echo.

Appropriate poses could be made. It doesn’t have to be a dance. A paladin could pray, or a forgeguard could have fighting swords appear above his head. A necromancer could summon a throne of bones and sit on it.

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