Show wave # in echo's

in the echo’s where we’re asked to kill all X waves (i.e. 14 waves)
it would be great to see how many we’ve killed so far.

it could be “Kill 0/14 waves of enemies” and then “Kill 1/14 waves of enemies”

This was already shown until 0.8.5.

Since 0.9 this doesn’t work anymore.

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Yeah, as @Heavy said, it used to work but for some reason with 0.9.0 it disappeared. It has been requested that the add it back in but I don’t know their plans with it.

Knowing the wave # ruins the immersion, and turns the game into a Wave Counting Simulator.

Immersion means different things to people then. In arena there is no immersion in my opinion.

Oh, I know. I’m just trying out the “It turns the game into a XYZ simulator” canned response to any critique of the game.

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I use the stability bonus counter bar as a reference :smiley:

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