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Show amount of owned affixes in the Loot Filter

Couldn’t you display how many of the affixes (especially the class-specific ones) you already have in the Loot filter?
→ That would simplify a lot. :wink:

If you look in your inventory, there is a tab called Crafting Items. This shows you how many affixes you have.

Wow, I had goose bumps just now and it left me speechless. (Sorry!)

Then I briefly went into myself and realized that you most likely only mean well with me, thank you for that! (YW!)

The meaning of the question mentioned at the beginning is the following:

In the filter - especially at the beginning - every class-specific affix is “set”, and that also on helmets and armor, in order to come as quickly as possible to usable minimum quantities for the construction (or the sample) of any, new builds.

For example, I turn off all class-specific affixes on helmets and armor from a “stock quantity” of 20 and collect them from then on only as “single shards”.

Unfortunately, this procedure is quite tedious in the long run and therefore just said question or “IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL” in the “Feedback and Suggestions” - forum section.

Translated with (free version)

Ah, my bad. I was only trying to be helpful, not sarcastic. I guess I misunderstood (didn’t pay enough attention to) the issue.

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And I would like to apologize for the first two lines again, guess they were a bit exaggerated, I could have refrained. :slight_smile: