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Shouldn't increased curse damage be multiplied by all other factors? Test failing

Not sure if visual bug, actual bug, or just an honest error in the design itself but…

I have 0% increased curse damage. I then add an item with +50% increased curse damage. So shouldn’t skills that scale with curse go up a full 50%? Because when I do this test my curse skill goes up 7ish percent. I’ve looked up the formula many times and this is not a compatible outcome when you change one factor from 1 to 1.5 in a product of factors.

EDIT: also increased curse damage missing from Character sheet (C)

It depends how it’s coded. Given the wording, the % increased curse damage would be added to all your other % increased damage then applied (ie, you get a very small benefit if you have a lot of % increased damage), from the sound of it, that’s what’s happening.

From the sound if it you have a total of ~700% increased damage (ignoring any % global or generic damage that is added in on every line on the character sheet) already. 750 / 700 = ~7% incremental.

Most things are, it’s getting reworked, hopefully in 0.8.5.