Should Passive Maelstrom Casts Cost Mana?

I’ve been leveling a druid and stacking dodge for damage avoidance. One of the ways I’ve been doing this is through the Maelstrom node that auto-casts the skill. However, when that node triggers, it drains my mana…which isn’t great when I’m in bear form and can’t passively regen mana. (It doesn’t seem to count as a spell cast, since I’m using that amulet that causes you to bleed when you cast spells and this node doesn’t seem to trigger that effect).

Is this the intended interaction? Is it a bug?

Yes, that is generally how it works. The Spellblade’s Enchant Weapon can be spec’d to auto cast & that costs mana when it triggers.

The amulet just triggers if you cast the spell yourselfs.

All kind of “auto-casts” or triggered spells do not count as “casted”

And having mana costs of those triggered spells is for balancing, which is fine.

Mana is a important ressource that needs to be managed in LE.

This confused me a bit too. There doesn’t seem to be a consistent way procs work with regards to mana cost. Ice thorns that cast when you’re hit don’t cost mana. Maelstrom on kill does. Totems that proc when you hit an enemy (idol) don’t. Smite procs from idols don’t, but the fissures from the smite tree do. etc etc

Some procs specify the cost mana, like the fireballs that you can cast from Flame Reave hits. I think this is what the solution should be. The tooltip needs to reflect if it is intended to cost mana or not. Without that it’s hard to know if it’s working as intended since the behavior is inconsistent.


Tooltips are the solution for many things

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I think it shouldn’t cost mana, mainly due to inconsistencies

You are already giving up Idol slot for unreliable weak cast of a spell, but sure if you want to lower build diversity further then keep the mana cost I guess :confused:

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