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Should i try the game now

hello everyone,
i want to buy this game but i’d like to know from you its current state.
is it enjoyable now ? what do you feel about its future ? is it risky to jumb in early acess ?.. etc
i tried to play POE several times but it’s just not for me it is too complex with 0 guidance
and i’m sick of following guides without even knowing what the are doing
i saw some gameplay and reviews about LE and thought it might be better for me

The game guide provides enough information to get started in LE. I think it’s a fine game with some interesting goals coming up for the 1.0 launch. Would I buy it now as opposed to months ago? Absolutely, yes. The community around here is quite strong in terms of feedback so if you need help reach out.


Hi and welcome.
After the Wolcen debacle i had no more confidence in early access games. To this day, I don’t regret a single minute that I put into Last Epoch. The game feels more finished than many other early access games. Going forward, I still think that Last Epoch has great potential to become one of the best arpgs out there. I’ve never been bored and the variety of builds what you expect from an arpg title is there. Even the current endgame systems are providing alot of playtime. Last Epoch is easier to understand than PoE for new players, so I think you will find your way around quickly with the help of the ingame Game Guide. Since the game is not that big yet, we already have a great community that is happy to help here on the forum or discord.


Understatement of the year. LE is so much cleaner and easier to understand, yet even with limited class specializations (more are coming soon), uniques, and content, its still a diverse game as far as viable build possibilities.


Welcome aboard Amr0.

Personally it’s also a yes from me. To answer your points imho:

  • Yes it is enjoyable now in its current state, with lots of improvements to come as well.
  • Its future seems stable and rosy. The Devs are taking their time and making sure all changes they release are well tested, considered, and that everything is balanced. They also get involved and talk to us mere plebs.
  • Early Access? Yes, I am also sceptical in general of anything early access, and normally especially without a demo. However, like you, I did my research, and a ton of reading on LE before getting it in May. I have not looked back since.
  • Complexity? Gameplay is fairly self explanatory, and the in game guide is well written & helpful. It’s not super cluttered with mobs like other games, but the mob density is fine. Bosses are doable as you typically have time to react to their attacks and things are well telegraphed. They still kill you, but it’s not full of unexplainable insta-deaths. The loot filter is wonderful imho, and you can either make a simple one, or go full geek like myself and tailor it to find you not only a T-Shirt, but also one with pink spots, a stripe, and in a size 32 1/2 (no T shirts in game, this was a metaphor).

Be aware that it is single player only at the moment. Multiplayer is on its way. There is however live chat between players “on the server” should you like that. There’s plenty of diversity already to keep you busy in single player. The campaign itself is long enough to give you a good runthrough and learning experience, but not so long that levelling up new builds becomes super tedious. The real action comes after lvl 75+ when you start doing Monoliths. You don’t become “completely skilled” until the mid 90’s but again that doesn’t take too long, even as a casual.

Overall it has my vote. I haven’t looked back since I jumped ship from poe, and to be perfectly honest as an ex addict of 3 years I haven’t even loaded up that game once since getting LE.

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Yes, the game is really wort playing now. It is deep but simple, very rich, very fun.
You can make your own builds and be efficient, there is no need to follow a build guide. But you still can do it, you will find many guides with explanations, which will help you understand even better then be even more able to create you own builds after.

The endgame is already totally playable and enjoyable, you can spend hundreds/thousands of hours in the game, leveling multiple heroes, trying different skills and ways to play, going through the whole endgame to the “hard” mode, redo it again and again if you wish or feel the need.

The community is very nice and helpful. Here or on Discord, you will receive many responses to your questions, and much help. Many people are willing to share knowledge and experience.

Come, join us, have fun!


Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Go ahead… you will not be disappointed…

Just one practical issue - its a beta and has performance considerations so make sure that your system is capable of playing the game with the recommended hardware requirements.


YES! I just played last night after a long break, I play mostly POE for last 3 years.
I had a blast! Literally!
I have a 100 necro that was a guide, but my Arc Sorcerer and Poison Rogue are all me and they are up at 77/78. I think it is much easier to understand the skill system here for sure.
I have been reading the tree all the way through before I start a character and have a pretty great idea where I am going before I even start adding points. When I get stuck, I find a similar guide and ask the creator and they set me straight pretty fast. Boardman21 and ActionRPG (Aaron) were great help. I love the feel of the game and they honestly have the best looking skeletons anywhere! Sure it has flaws, but we are in beta so there is that. I haven’t found anything that made me say “what?” yet so there is that.
It’s very beautiful and every time I come back it gets better, the Spymaster looks amazing now!
Point blank, if you played through story and quit, you’d have your money’s worth. But there is so much more after that, I think it’s well worth it.
I’m going to start POEs insanity league tomorrow and if it just doesn’t feel right I may have to come here and try the shape shifter!


Thank you guys ,
i bought the game and it seems great but i got a performance issue even though my pc meets
the system requirements but still fun

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Let me know if you need help with the performance - there are various ways to get around the known issues and make the game more stable/playable.


Vapour is your man. A super helpful guy who has a lot of knowledge. We spent many a happy hour in the tech support forums…

In general the community here is very helpful, so if you do have questions don’t hesitate to ask. The tech support forum is a great place to get answers.