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Should I buy/support your game? Question for devs and introducton of (hopefully) new player

Hello Last Epoch devs and forum members!
I’ve been lurking this forum for the last couple of days and in the end I decided to make an account and talk with you in the most direct and open way possible. Please forgive me as this post will become a wall of text as I want to introduce myself and ask one or two questions relevant to me.

I first found out about Last Epoch from you introducing yourselves on Grim Dawn forums - a game I’ve been playing from beta and continue to enjoy immensely. For the last 15 years (maybe more) I’ve been playing ARPG-s exclusively - Grim Dawn (being my favorite of the lot), Diablo 1 and 2, Titan Quest, Sacred 1 and 2, Torchlight 1 and 2, Victor Vran - just to name the major ones (you’ll notice I didn’t include PoE or DIII - reason for that will become clear in a little bit). My passion for the genre only grows with the passing of the years :grinning: So naturally two upcoming games entered my radar - Last Epoch and Wolcen. I began to dig for information about the two. And frankly what I found was this - so far I like this game better! The classes, the art, the playstyle, the passion of the developing team, the available lore, skills, the bits and pieces of loot that will become available (loved the visual feel of 2 sets you showed and their descriptions) - it all speaks to me! Last Epoch has great potential!


I only ever play single player. OFFLINE single player. Exclusively. (hence the reason for not including PoE and DIII, also Torchlight: Frontiers - an MMOARPG - an abomination imho - but to each his own, I don’t judge (liked the robot class but thats it) :laughing: ) I like to play the game I bought whenever I want, not depending on whims of internet connections or servers or other stuff. DIII failed here miserably, but PoE did this well - game is online but it is free-to-play. My point and question is this:

  • Will Last Epoch include truly offline single-player??? - and I mean offline as in end-of-the-world-no-internet-zombie-apocalypse-one-PC-running-on-generator-firing-up-your-game. I know it says so in the game description on this site but it also says Last Epoch - Hack and Slash Online Action RPG… I know it will have to have some internet connection for mtx and updates and such and I am ok with that (might even purchase some or many if reasonable). Will I be able to fire up Last Epoch (with cosmetic mtx stuff if purchased) and play it without the need to be on-line? This is a deal-breaker for me…

I hope you will answer this question and gain another hardcore fan. Cheers!
PS sorry once again for the long post


Hey Man!! Welcome!

Like you, I come from D1 and D2. I played GD (700 hours), TQ (600) and Victor Vran. The game will included a offline mode, as I undestand is so early to said that comestic will be able in offline mode. About the buy comestics in the Shop you will need to be connect.

Im agree with you about your opinion of the MMO like TL Frontier, D3 & POE but the way of the multiplayer that Last Epoch want to implement looks completely different.

The game is worth 100% in my opinion. It is in alpha phase and I can tell you, I have not touched GD anymore and I do not think I will do it again. Maybe @Sarno can said something more to clarify your doubt.

Hey @bacongo , thanks for the response. Most of us come from the same gaming background :smiley:
From videos of alpha gameplay on YouTube, I concur with you and believe the game will be worth it, but I also want to be sure I am spending my money on something I will actually play. Great thing about ARPGs for me is that people who enjoy them are there for the long run (look at only D2 - people still play it regularly) - there are always new builds to try and new loot to hunt for.

But sadly, this is era of Diablo Immortal and Fallout 76 and countless others that promised one thing and delivered something else (or did not deliver). That is why I am careful. Maybe too careful. I don’t mind game going online for cosmetics and updates, but actual gameplay depending on poor connection or lousy servers or will of some deity - that is a no-no for me.
My question is an issue that is important to me and seeing some clarification would go a long way. Seeing on this forum mentions of seasons and multiplayer much more than singleplayer I feel it is justified to ask. Also it is a core gameplay mode so I don’t believe it would be kept as a secret or spoiler or suffer from lack of information due to game being early in development.

So I will sit patiently and wait for one of the developers to respond. Actually, that is a lie - I will play GD while I wait - but there is always room for more :wink:


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