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Shop feedback

Just thought I’d give some feedback on the currency and shop situation so far.

I will note that I’ve only reached level 20 so far, but I think the early game is where my concern lays.

I think it may be possible that the gold drop rate is too high or the early items are too cheap. It never actually felt like I was ‘poor’ and I could always pretty much buy whatever I wanted. Can you maybe tweak the drop rate or the prices to make it feel like more of a struggle?

The item rarity of stuff appearing in the store feels about right to me. But my biggest gripe with the store so far is the lack of a ‘buyback’ feature. The amount of times I’ve accidentally sold something and had no recourse so far is quite high.

More to come, on other aspects of the game but I wanted to get that out while it was fresh in my mind.

Thanks for the feedback!

Buyback functionality is planned. Gold drops will be balanced closer to launch.

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