Shop at the start or end of dungeons

Sometimes I want to do a few runs of a dungeon in a row. But by the end I usually fill up with items. Some of those I’m happy to throw in my stash or shatter, but a lot are just vendor trash. Soul Bastion is kind of nice because there is the trader at the end, so I can just sell my crap and go again. But there’s nothing like that with Temporal Sanctum or Lightless Arbor. So if I want to sell stuff I have to awkwardly teleport back to the End of Time then teleport back.

Can we just get a vendor at the start or end of all of them just for consistency/convenience?

I would like that, like Soulfire Bastion.

But people are just going to tell you that vendor trash is not worth much and you should just leave them on the ground, which I have learned to do.

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