Shock Status Effect - Stacking is useless?

I currently have a 300% shock chance and 800% shock effect. I’m also using channeled Elemental Nova to attack 5 times per second. Shock is supposed to stack and reduce elemental resistances on enemies by 100 per stack. I’ve noticed on enemies, and on the target dummy, my damage goes up slightly once I’ve applied 1 stack of shock but never any further. If shock lasts 4 seconds, I’m attacking 5 times per second etc, I should be reducing enemy elemental resistance to zero and then negative almost instantly. I see no evidence of this in the displayed damage numbers [post moderated —Sarno]

Can a player or developer clarify this? My theory is that I can’t reduce enemy resistance below 0, or the damage numbers aren’t displaying corrctly. In a game where I can get these insane shock status numbers that seems very disappointing. There are currently no results on Google when searching negative resistances in Last Epoch. [post moderated —Sarno]

This is my post from two days ago. Why would you copy paste it?

This guy seems to be copy and pasting various people post through his entire post history?

It’s specifically my post from reddit. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he just needs an answer to the question. The answer is basically, unless you’ve rolled the monolith to stack enemy resistances, there is no point having insane amounts of shock chance/effect. This is especially true if you have a way to apply stacks quickly. I’ve since changed my build to have around 100% chance to apply shock with 55% increased effect. There has been no change to my gameplay or damage numbers that is significant enough to notice.

The way I see it: Shock is pretty much useless against enemys. It even isn’t that bad when you use the boots to shock yourself.

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