Shock And Blast With Focus Build

Shout out to caxius for his awesome focus build! Clear out bosses in 1 hit with lightning!


Always been a fan of Focus-Nova builds. Considering the skill already causes you to stand still, have you considered using that new Ascendance skill with it to boost your damage even further through the additional spell damage and the occasional lightning blast proc? You would still be able to stay at full mana if you took the node that disables that skill’s mana drain. The gameplay might end up kinda clunky though as you’d have to manage two stationary skills at once.

Caxius was running ascendence and yes even more damage, but in the case of this build which skill would you get rid of? The way i have it set up video seemed most likely to succeed for survival, but yes ascendence does give even more damage.

Unsure. Teleport Nova nuking is good, although I imagine it doesn’t aid much against larger enemies where ascendance would be better. So I suppose it’s a choice between elemental nova for clear speed and ascendance for boss nuking.

That’s the problem though I’m not even suspect into Elemental Nova so getting rid of that skill wouldn’t help me get ascendant leveled up

Board, how are you getting such high protection increases when you are channeling? There is some weird interaction going on. I’ve tried to mimic it, but I’m getting the normal 40% increased from focus. My base protections are about the same as yours.

armor and protection while channeling shards on both rings/relic/weapon. You want some of those :slight_smile:

Thanks. Ahh yes of course. I’m stockpiling all the channel items. But as you know it’s so hard to craft 3+ T5 items.

Without crafting those I don’t think I’d want to go high arena with this build. Just a little too fragile and immobile.

Was trying to incorporate Ward build with this but it’s so-so. I needed to drop so much int and ward retention and also hard to keep ward/sec items on for a decent steady state ward level. But with more protection with better items, probably doable. Also, staff in your build. I am doing much more damage with wand/shield than you but obviously I’d do a little more with staff. It’s too bad there is no crit with this because mages are able to stack crit/crit damage very well and crit dmg scales dmg better than most scaling things. Real life crit is about 26% for me since there are lightning only crit chance modifiers that aren’t shown in damage tab.

Anyways, thanks for showing a nice build.

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I’m going to try this out!

i like the look of this build and the build you had earlier. will be trying them out… hey just a quick tip when you do your videos i used to say Melee the same way you do but was corrected long ago thought i might give you a little nugget there. MAYLAY is how its pronounced. awesome build guide thou man thanks a lot been trying to find some good mage builds.

Lol yeah i pronounce a lot wrong. My personal favorite is when i say nod for node. Thanks though I’ll practice for maylay

Don’t worry, you aren’t anywhere near as bad as Cute Dog (a PoE streamer) who doesn’t pronounce “chaos” (he pronounces the ch as in church) or “vaal” (his pronounciation is pretty close to whale) even slightly correctly (to the point that I can’t watch any of his vids).

There’s more than one school of thought on that. I would pronounce it “me-lay” (me as in “meh” but without the h). So I think it depends on whether you’re American or English (and it’s our language, therefore I’m right, just saying…).

naw its our language because we kicked your butts in one war and then had to come save it in two others so we own the rights to the english language… Kidding btw

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