Shift's nodes "Braskula's Hesitation" and "Deadly Ambush" not applying bonus damage

Hey, I’m playing a Decoy build and these past few hours I’ve not noticed any change in damage with having used Shift recently with the aforementioned nodes taken. 50% more damage should be pretty recognizable, even with a damage range. I’m not seeing anything. I think this was an issue last patch with the old nodes too, so maybe the coding is still wrong? Thank you

I think the devs have said in the past that this is intended since it’s the decoy that “casts” the explosion not you.

So, I went in and tried a few other abilities like multishot and default attack and they’re not getting the bonus either. I hope it’s just an all-round bug because decoy isn’t a minion.

I can confirm for HoA. Both nodes doesnt seem to buff your next attack.


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