Shift with rogue

Sometimes using shift toon gets stuck (will not move) inbetween non-breakable items.
Forced to log out and back in to fix.

“Now players know why some dont play hardcore until lil buggers are fixed”.

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Rogue is not in a good place right now in MP. I would recommend playing any other class.

Shift alone is a pain to use, has a minor delay in place before going off, and can get much worse is you chain shift after another skill.

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I’ve also noticed that shift is super buggy. About 25-30% of the time, after I shift i just rubberband for like 2-3 seconds. It feels completely unplayable.

I’ve also noticed that synchronized strike will randomly refuse to fire off, stick me in place for like 1.5-2 seconds (animation length of when it should have fired) and then leave me STUCK in place without being able to move. I’ve found that sometimes shift will get me out of place but it’s not 100% guaranteed. Having to quit the map is my only solution when it happens.

That’ll be a bug and should go in the bug forum.