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Searched but couldn’t find an answer to this specific question, and not at home to test at the moment. Wondering if anyone has an answer:

  1. If you set up Shift to proc both Shadow Cascade (Dancing Shadows) and Shurikens (Sleight of Hand on Shift use, how are these affected by the nodes within the Shift tree?

For example which skill would Hypovolemia or Jagged cuts get applied to? Cascade, Shurikens, or both? Is one of them cast before the other? Or are they at the same time?

  1. Also I did see a topic on this but wanted to double check: How would this apply to the skills used by Shadows (ie Shadows being consumed when shifting and casting Shadow Cascade). I think from memory that the Shadows cast slightly after the Shift version of Cascade, but is this actually correct from a calculations point of view or just a visual thing?


I’m going completely from memory and a lot of guessing right now (can confirm later in-game if nobody else knows for sure), but from what I understand it’s as follows:

  1. Wording for skills can be improved for some skills imo, but those skills say “[…] your next damaging non-channeled skill after shifting.” So logically this would mean that they apply to Shuriken (because Sleight of Hand says “You throw Shurikens at neary enemies after shifting” and also does not say “directly used”) but not to Cascade as your Shadows are using Cascade and not you.

  2. I think I answered this in 1) if I understood your question correctly. So from the way it’s worded and from my understanding, skills used by Shadows are not affected by any nodes in the Shift tree (unless they clearly say so, I didn’t check every single node) because it’s the Shadow(s) that use the skill and not you.

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Hi and thanks for the answer. Not sure if I worded things correctly before but I’ll take another shot at it :slight_smile:

The issue, is that you can have shurikens and cascade triggering from shift, and one of the cascades comes from you, and not from a shadow. Therefore, Cascade and Shurikens are both being cast from, or to put it another way originating from your character as a result of using shift. Which one then benefits from the shift passives? Or do they both? Is one cast before the other or are they simultaneously? And if one is before the other, how is this decided.

The text in the shift tree reads:

Cascade: “At the end of shift”

Shurikens “After shifting”

Is there a difference? And if so, which has priority? And if neither has priority, do they occur at the same time, thereby both gaining the benefits from the shift hypovolemia or jagged cuts, or anything else with similar effects?

Perhaps I should also mention, that it’s the daggers from dagger dance in the Cascade tree that I am planning on using. Will they fly out of my character at the end of shift while simultaneously also having shurikens (blade shield) also procing but both getting the benefit from shift nodes?

They don’t, you need to manually use a skill for it to benefit from those nodes.

Not sure TBH. If you manually use Shadow Cascade as the next skill after a Shift then it will benefit from those nodes, but I’m not entirely sure if any shadows you already had out would also benefit from those nodes. The easiest way would probably be to take the bleed chance node & have a Shadow next to the dummy & use Shadow Cascade after shift to see if the Shadow’s Shadow Cascade would apply the bleed from Hypovolemia.

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Hmmm. Thanks Llama. Many other posts you have made have been useful to me over my time in LE, so your response is much appreciated.

Now I don’t wanna question your wisdom, but Im going to anyway :slight_smile:

I note that in the shift tree, Critical Opening specifies “skill used by you”. Where as the other nodes don’t. Are these just not optimally worded tooltips (on last epoch tools website) or is there in fact a difference?

I can’t check in game right now, but I’m going to try and do so when I get home. I’ll let you know either way. Probably just come back and confirm you guys are correct :slight_smile: But there’s always hope!

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Tested it, no, they don’t benefit from Hypovolemia so they probably don’t benefit from any of those nodes.

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Ah that’s a shame. But many thanks for taking the time to do the testing.

We’ll that’s that build destroyed before it got started :slight_smile:

Back to the drawing board. Thanks again!

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