Shift clicking item into full tab deletes it

I ran into this while storing a bunch of idols in a tab to check later, noticed that it didn’t have space for them but they kept disappearing when I shift clicked them in. I then intentionally “fed” it an idol I didn’t have any copies of, checked all other stash tabs, sorted the tabs, and still couldn’t find the idol(s). Also bought another stash tab, in case they somehow got auto arranged into the next one, but that was completely empty. I have not tested it with items other than idols, as I don’t really want to delete more stuff.

Pretty sure the default behavior is for it to go into the “next” open tab that has space (for better or worse). Were all of your other tabs out of space for the item?

Nope, and it didn’t go to any other tab, which prompted this report.

It might help the devs if you can post your Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta file (as a .txt file). It’s located at users\{username}\AppData\L:ocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves.

Also what tab were you trying to deposit them into? (I have a suspicion what might have happened, but that information could help narrow it down).

It was the 6th tab, which at the time was my highest tab.

After restarting the game, the items showed up in my second tab. Not sure why, but appears to have resolved.

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