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Shift Cascade Blade Dancer, Farm Hundreds of Monoliths by the Hour! | By Apprentice Corner


Monolith Farmer, 1 Minute Monolith Clears, 150% + Movement Speed, by Apprentice Corner


YouTube Video Guide With Gameplay :'sCorner


Hello, this is Dr3ad from Apprentice Corner, in this forum topic, I will be going over my new build, Shadow Cascade Shift Movement Speed Focused Monolith Farmer Blade Dancer, that is not abusing the combination of Synch Strike and Shadow Cascade (infinite mana lul), so when that eventually gets nerfed, this build will still be standing, even after direct Shadow Cascade nerfs (probably). This build has been my personal favorite so far this patch already, and has gotten me through hundreds of Monoliths in a single night.

Special Shoutout to Doom Tucan who kept badgering me until I started making written guides again! If you like this post, please like, comment on the video, as well as sub to the YT channel, as its the best way for you to show your appreciation for my work!

Build Guide


We are using the interaction between Smoke Weaver,

Shift’s movement speed nodes,

Acid Flask proc’s from Shift

And then using the strength of Shadow Cascade, it allows us to clear monoliths at break neck speed, rivaling most other speed farming archetypes thanks to the ability to attack while also on the move. Our single target doesn’t have any issues thanks to the interactions between
Smoke Mine,

causing extra shadows which will nuke most targets in the Monolith of Fate

Skill Trees


The main nodes we want here are

So we can proc’ Acid Flask for the 2 seconds of haste, pretty much giving us 100% haste uptime in ideal situations.

so we can get even more movement speed, which is almost 100% uptime,

And finally this, which allows us to proc Shadow Cascade from our shift, and the node behind it will summon a shadow for it to consume as well!

Shadow Cascade

The main nodes we want here are,

for a free 80%+ more damage from 4 nodes.

Giving us extra shadows to increase damage and AoE, and then your usual fanfare of more damage. Pretty self explanatory, also base crit is amazing for us.

Smoke Bomb

The only node that is 100% mandatory (imo)

Everything else is just icing on the cake, not worth mentioning here. If you want to be a meta slave, you can run Synch Strike here instead and change Cascade to give mana back on shadow consume. But that is probs gonna get nerfed so… :man_shrugging:


Cookie cutter Decoy tree,. Not much to say other than its insane.

Acid Flask

The only node that matters is Elixer of Speed, everything else is useless or not worth mentioning, and you can also remove it from your skill bar. I put Lethal Mirage because its an I-Frame and can save you, but I never had to use it.


Main nodes of Importance :

  • Agility, movement speed to damage, pretty strong.
  • Swift Assassin, lots of flat and attack speed which gives our cascade more damage.
  • Critical Precision, is an insane amount of crit chance for us.

Main Nodes of Importance :

  • Pursuit, Movement Speed and % damage, double dips for us.
  • Flash Of Steel, more attack speed and damage.
  • Weapons of Choice, insane amount of crit multiplier, main reason we are using 1 sword
    and 1 dagger, instead of 2 smoke weavers.
  • All In, Crit Multi is very strong for us.
  • Shadow Master, insane amounts of single target damage for us.


This tunklabs is up to date, but could probably be improved. Important parts are just cooldown recovery on the helm, 2 aboreal circuits and then a Smoke Weaver. Pretty basic.

4 of these, BIS


Play this build, follow the leveling guide, until you get a Smoke Weaver and enough currency to gamble Arboreal Circuits, which just gamble these,


Twitch :
Discord :
YouTube :


Great guide, thanks.

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Thanks for this… pretty unique build from what I have seen so far… The idols are like hens teeth and the dagger has not dropped for me yet so gonna hold on trying this out but it seems worth it…

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Now, I know my mental arithmetic isn’t the best (having attrophied due to decades of Excel use), but surely a 1m monolith clear would give you less than 60 monoliths per hour (given loading times)?


I was exaggerating slightly :stuck_out_tongue: my fault, sometimes I am making this videos at 3 am so sometimes I can’t think! :smiley: Thanks for calling it out though! <3

Fun build. Thanks for sharing. I’m new to LE (coming from PoE) so trying out as many playstyles as I can.

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What would be a min-maxed gearplanner + passives for level 100?

I’m interested in improving this build to the max level, but it’s my first one so I’m a bit lost about which mods are the best ones for swords and daggers, for example.

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Ok I was skeptical at first but after building this because I found the Smoke Weaver it turns out to be a fun build and quick too. Good job and I look forward to more of these builds from you.

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Thanks man! I try really hard to make good builds, I usually end up trashing a lot of builds, trying to find combinations that work. <3

I have to say, even without Smoke Weaver, and never having attempted a speed-clear build before, this is amazing. Really appreciating the thought that went into the synergies and I’m really looking forward to seeing how many monolith stories I can fly through when I start to get some real equipment.

Nicely done!