Shield Throw

Does shield throw’s dmg come from MH weapon?
Dumb question I know, but I’m not seeing ANY weapons that have base throwing stats…it’s always +melee stuff

I don’t believe so. You can scale it via lava burst I think it’s called into elemental/spell damage, and also the spiked plates and rygar’s fury nodes if they still add damage based on block chance. Failing those ofc throwing dmg elsewhere on gear.

No, ST’s damage only comes from the skill & any throwing attack damage affixes you have (you can also get some from the Void Knight tree), plus the usual/relevant % increased affixes/passives . The Eruption node is separate and that would benefit from adaptive spell damage.

So whats the ideal weapon type for ST?

That probably depends on your other skills. If you’re using the likes of Smite & Devouring Orb then a scepter or wand is probably a good idea for the adaptive spell damage.

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