Shield throw hits on allies don't count as hits

The shield throw aegis node states:

Shield throw can target and ricochet to allies other than yourself. Allies are granted armor for 4 seconds when Shield Throw hits them.

However, ‘on hit’ effects don’t seem to proc at all when shield throw hits allies. For example, when using a ‘Keen’ prefix idol:

+x% chance to cast smite when you hit with throwing attacks

shield throw never procs smite on allies (tested with the relatively useless manifest armor).
Given the aegis node explicitly references allies being ‘hit’, I would expect on-hit effects to also proc.
Orthogonally, I’m not sure if smite actually ends up healing allies?

Well, smite targets enemies only to begin with. The heal is an aoe around the enemy that was targeted with damage, you can’t cast smite on allies. So, even if shield throw did apply on hit effects to allies when you specialize it to bounce off them, it either wouldn’t work or it would cast smite on the nearest enemy.
But on hit effects are based on hitting enemies. The Aegis node makes an exception and lets you grant armor to allies by bouncing the shield off of them.
If it applied all on-hit effects you’d probably kill your ally with any ignites/bleeds/poison or, yes, smites, that you hit them with by bouncing the shield back and forth between them and enemies.

Which is what Smite cast from the idols already does. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve used Shield Throw on a group of mobs on the other side of the screen & Smite has been cast on a much closer set of mobs.

Only if it was allowed to proc a damaging effect on an ally/player character. Those are very rare, I can only think of the Paladin’s Penance passive that allows the Paladin to have a bleed inflicted on them as a side effect of having a much higher chance to inflict bleed. And the Acolytes have some self-life drain passives that give increased damage.

Edit: If you could damage allies, partying in MP would be very different & more dangerous thing wth AoE.

In which case it should be made explicit that ‘hits’ on allies don’t count as hits.

I don’t think this would be the case - damage effects already distinguish between allies and enemies. But regardless this is an implementation concern.

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