Shield rush

Shield rush should remove the 15% health missing on no cool down cause its annoying losing health by using shield rush over and over, I died all the times by using no cool down rush taken health down so fast, any suggestion how to fix health to keep it full while using shield rush? I main shield rush talent tree, i saw so many other classes are so powerful more than shield rush which is not fair. 15% health losing by using shield rush no cooldown is a bit too much, maybe reduce down to 5% health missing? or none?

Its 15% of current hp so it can’t kill you, plus you can leech it back pretty quickly.

Leech or regen.


k ill try test it, thanks for advices

Take the node that gives melee leech in the early part of the void knight tree and/or a bleeding heart and you should be good to go.

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Especially if you’re doing melee void damage, then you benefit from both parts of the passive.

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