Shield rush/lunge bug - character freezes in place

Hello, I have been having trouble with Shield rush, but also lunge would produce this bug on a smaller scale. Perhaps this effects other movement skills as well.

When either spamming shield rush, or using it on a group of enemies in general, my character will get stuck in place in a running animation until you use a movement skill again. This interrupts you constantly and is making the skill unusable.

Here is a youtube link for a video example, and a screenshot of my talents in shield rush.
Perhaps the talent that ports you back to where you started shield rush is wierd, or maybe it’s server issues but i’m no expert ^ ^.

Any help or update if this is a known issue and is being resolved would be awesome, thanks!

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forge guard bad

I am facing the issue as well.

Sometimes it seams that the server thinks the player is still running (indicated by creatures running away from you into the direction you would have sprinted) other time the creature attack you at the location (but the client does not release you from the sprint)

Is there any way to make this work?