Shield Rush Issues

Playing Offline, I used Shield Rush on an upper platform at Lake Liath. The game froze for a second or two, I heard the Shield Rush sound, and when the game came back I was UNDER the platform in the grass with nowhere to go. And the enemies could still hit me with spells. Haven’t been able to reproduce it, but it happened just after starting the game and it was loading assets (causing the freeze).

In MP, an issue I saw with Shield Rush some time ago but seems to have been resurrected: Occasionally, when I press the hotkey for SR, but when I release it, he keeps “rushing” until he hits an impassable terrain, like a rock or edge of a precipice. Also, sometimes he doesn’t “rush”, but after a second or two rubber-bands somewhere along the path which isn’t always predictable.

Shield Rush is a Sentinel skill, yet you posted this in the Primalist sub-section. This also appears to be a bug report, those usually go in #bug-reports.

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